Saturday, August 30, 2014

What Characters Am I Most Like?

I'm participating for the first time in the Teens Can Write Too blog chain! If you don't know what that is, check out that link. :D The question for this month is: What characters are you most like?

Hmmm.... That's kind of a hard question. I'm going to make a list because, as I've said before, I like lists.

Tris from Divergent
Okay, let's just get this out there right now. I'm short, blonde, and look younger than I am. Ring a bell? That's because Tris was described just as that! Of course, I'm talking about the book version; the movie version of Tris didn't even have blonde hair. *sigh*

Iko from The Lunar Chronicles
I'm a very enthusiastic person. I get excited, and when I get excited, everyone within a two mile radius of me (okay, okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration :P) knows about it. I like to fangirl about things, much like Iko! Yes, I realize Iko is an android, and I'm not (or am I? Dun dun dun! <<Just kidding! I'm perfectly human XD) but personality-wise, we're pretty similar.

Christy from the Christy Miller series
Christy is a very organized girl who likes to have everything planned. That part of her personality *shakes head* is not very much like me at all. Yeah, sure, I like to make plans. I just don't really like to always stick with them. Secondly, if you could see my desk right now- wait! I can take a picture!- you'll see below that it's very disorganized.

You see that clear space in front of the laptop? Yeah, that's only there because that's where my arms go when I'm on the computer. XD Okay, now it's out there. I'm a disorganized person. That's definitely something I want to work on, and I plan to do so this school year. I mean, being organized is definitely an important quality to have. Anyways, by now you're probably wondering why in the world Christy is even on this list. Well, that's because I'm a worry-wart like Christy. When it comes to school especially, I worry about things sooo much, and I relate to Christy in that sense. 

Katie from the Christy Miller series
Okay, now here's a character that I'm more like. Katie is spontaneous, enthusiastic, and a little bit crazy. I'm all of the above. Yeah, sure in some instances, I'm definitely more like Christy, but in others, I'm a lot like Katie. 

Now for a question for you guys: What are some characters that y'all are most like? 

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  1. Love it! Hmm...I think I'm a lot like Cress from Lunar Chronicles. I know next to nothing about programming and hacking, but personality wise we are a lot alike! We even have the same haircut (when Iko cuts it)XD Although mine is brown with just a little blonde.

    1. Nice! Cress is an amazing character to be like!

  2. Awesome list! I like Iko too--she was a great character! It must be fun to be like her in real life. :)

    1. Thanks! HahaXD It's not hard to get me excited about things. XD

  3. You're like Iko? Ooh, very cool! As for me ... well, maybe I'm a little like Frodo? I don't know.

    1. Well, I don't know who Frodo is because I haven't read LoTR, but cool anyways! :D

    2. But you know he's from LOTR? I think I'm a little like Cress but my sister says I'm like Cinder. Frodo is quite a thinker and melancholy but he can be a joker too!

    3. Oh, no! He's from The Hobbit? Well... same author :P
      Cool! Both Cinder and Cress are awesome characters!

    4. No, he is from LOTR. Sorry, I think I'm being confusing!