Friday, September 5, 2014

A Dog's River

If I decide to stick with this, I am going to periodically (weekly, maybe?) post a little short story I've written. There will be a theme between all of these, but because I don't want to give anything away, I'm not telling you guys anything! Mwahahaha!!! XD Anyways, this first one is something I wrote for my creative writing class. Here goes...

Mom's quiet sobs draw me in to the kitchen. There, her fluorescent patterned robe stands out against the dim lighting. She slides the blade of the knife through the Wal-Mart Bakery Cake, her head tilted downwards so that her blonde hair forms a curtain that separates her from the world. A curtain that keeps me from seeing her somber expression, one that only I can really empathize with. 

"You okay?" I enter the kitchen, walking past her to slide into one of the chairs lined up around the kitchen table. 

She gives me a one-shoulder shrug in response. 

"We'll get used to it. It'll take some time, but the pain is bound to pass, right? It has to."

Mom sniffs. She places the knife on the cake platter and swipes a tear away from her eye. She doesn't respond until she has taken a seat across from me, where I can see the glisten of tears in her eyes, making the green of her irises more vivid. 

"Will it, Chelsea? Will it?" She barely manages to get the question out before the flood gates open. Her entire body wracks with the downpour of tears that comes bursting out. No, they aren't even tears. They're sobs. Real sobs, no exaggeration. She buries her head in her arms as her sobs only grow louder. 

"Mom, it's going to be okay." I get up and walk around to her side of the table. "Hey, why don't you go finish cutting that cake? It'll be a good dessert. Maybe it will even help us keep our minds off..." I shudder. "Off it." 

She lifts her head, sniffling a couple of times in an attempt to reign the tears back in. After looking around as if in a daze for a moment, she gets up. "Yeah." She nods. "Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good idea. I'm going to go do that."

As if in slow motion, she makes her way back over to the cake and finishes cutting it as I pull two plates out of the cabinet. Just after Mom and I each take a piece of cake and sit down, Dad bursts through the door, briefcase in hand. 

"Did you two hear that they cancelled A Dog's River?"

Before he can even finish his question, Mom breaks down again, this time with even greater force than before. 

I shoot Dad a look. "Yes. We've heard. Thanks for reminding her."

"Oh, sorry."

I sigh. "It'll take some time, but eventually she'll find a new show. It'll get better." Or, at least, I can hope. 

Alright! That's it for the first story! Let me know what you guys think! Be honest! :D


  1. I love it!! The ending cracked me up though, I love funny surprise endings like that. xD You have great descriptions balanced with dialogue. Keep it up! I can't wait to read more short stories in the future :)

  2. Haha, that ending made me chuckle! You had me thinking for a bit it was the deceased Dad's Birthday or something. :)

    1. Haha XD My initial idea for this was something sad, but my friend gave me an idea to change it. :D